The Day After

Ms. X writes:

He didn’t text me today.
I’m not messaging him, his turn
Gay best friend:
MsX: We had sex and that’s all he had to say ? Really?
GayBFF: Are you surprised? He didnt txt u the day after last time you slept over.
MsX: I’m not surprised I just really don’t get dudes. Why bother with all the ‘I miss u I sucked I wanna prove you wrong” bs
GayBFF: I wouldnt take any of that shit. Life is short, you only have so much time to prove yourself and its not that hard.. just dont be a dick
MsX: Exactly. So why talk to me at all?
GayBFF: To string you along.  Then they feel guilty.. and they cant have that. Everyone needs to like them and give them sex.
MsX: Gah Fuck it it was small anyway
GayBFF: He’s done

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