Sex On the First Date

Is it a good idea? Is it a bad idea? Will it ruin any possibility of a future?

I’ve seen my girlfriends go on many first dates… sometimes ending in sex and other times just a goodnight kiss.  They sleep with them, they don’t, they call, they don’t.  I haven’t seen any kind of pattern or formula.  But of course there is a double standard for girls.  If you fuck, you’re a whore. And somehow it makes you un-dateable.  But I’ve also seen guys try to get sex at the end of the evening, a girl resist and then he never calls her again.  It seems as though she played it right but she still didn’t land the dude.  I think if you’re a girl (and you see potential in the first date) you probably shouldn’t sleep with him.  There’s always an exception to the rule and I’m sure some beautiful wedding is taking place right now and it all started on a good first date and a great screw. BUT in general it’s a bad idea.  If a guy is taking you out on a date, chances are he sees something in you too.  Maybe if he decides half way through that he doesn’t want to wife you, he’ll try to sleep with you.  Don’t be stupid and don’t be “that girl.”  If you want this man to be your boyfriend, keep your legs closed.  Just for one night.  You can do it.  One night stands are a totally different story.  I’m all for a drunken hook up on Saturday night after the bar.  But do you want to marry one-night-stand-guy? I don’t.


When it comes to homos I see things a little differently.  Again: DOUBLE STANDARD.  I’m talking to this guy and he sends me a picture of his dick. Cool, I guess? (It wasn’t that impressive)  Then he tells me to come over and cuddle.  I reply, “Just cuddle?’  I was half kidding but at the same time I just saw your penis so I don’t think it’s an inappropriate inquiry.  He says, “I’m not easy.”  You’re not easy?  Wait.  Who are you trying to fool?  And why are you sending me mixed messages?  FYI I don’t want to come cuddle with your penis.  I find with a lot of guys they put up the illusion that sex is bad.  They say homos are whores and they’re not like everyone else and they didn’t blow some guy in Woody’s bathroom last Wednesday night.  I think it’s silly.  We’re men.  We’re TWO men trying to date.  We want sex.  If you’re against sex on the first date that’s more than okay!  But don’t send me a cock shot and then tell me you’re not a slut.  1. I can’t tell you how many penis pictures I’ve seen.  I don’t think you’re a slut because you sent me yours.  2. I don’t appreciate the idea of unattainable sex.  Try to lure me in with your junk and then refuse to give it up?  Stop playing games.  If our date goes well and I’m hard at the end of it I would like you to kindly take care of my boner.  I’ll call you the day after.


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